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 I just now realized that my spot has been opened, to my regret. I’ve been given enough chances, though, and I know I’ve way overdone it on the inactivity. So, I suppose this is goodbye for good.

 It’s been lovely speaking with you all, and if you’d like to converse ooc sometime, just let me know. I’ve had so much fun here, and I don’t regret it, even though I ended up growing away. I simply do not have the time anymore, and it was inconsiderate of me to try and hang on as long as I did. Plus, a bit of muse loss has taken place, and kdlfksld school.

 Love to all of the mods and all of the rpers, you guys were simply amazing.

 Farewell. <3


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 Oh, Iceland. Szia! 

 Are you here for the “Languages People Can’t Seem To Understand At All” club meeting?


Spasibo…Da, it’s nice to be back. I missed you and sestra and brother and Lilli…

 Did you, now? That’s good to hear, though how you could miss your dick of a brother I will never understand.

 How have you been?

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 Oh, Natalya—

 Szia! It’s been a while since we’ve had a lady as lovely as myself around.


What's your Hungary otp?

( Erzsi/Pálinka u v u )